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The American University School of Education is currently accepting graduate applications!


Raise Your Hand for Equity in Education


Teacher shortages, lack of diversity, outdated policies, inequitable access - learn how to be a part of the evolution of the education system at the American University School of Education.

"The EPL program has benefitted me in so many ways as a professional and helped me to broaden my impact as an education leader. The program gave me priceless insight into our country's education systems and the laws and policies that impact access to quality education. It taught me how to effectively build comprehensive data systems to track goals and communicate outcomes. I use the skills and knowledge that were shared with me daily."

Luis Paredes Alvizurez was born in the District of Columbia and grew up innearbyMaryland, returningto DChigh schoolin his freshman year, where he graduated in2023.“Choosing American University was an easy decision,” Paredes said. “I applied to twelve colleges, but AU was the one that most caught my eye because of the area and how lovely the campus is. I’ve always had a passion for helping others and sharing knowledge,” he said. “I had some incredible teachers that made learning fun and engaging,but others weren’t as engaging, and I would like to change that. Becoming an educator will allow me to make a positive impact on the lives of others.”

Jesse Lima, SOE/MAT ’24

Using what he’s learned from AU’s School of Education, the DC Public Schools first-grade teacher Jesse Lima, Master of Arts in Teaching ’24, is shaping the next generation of Washington learners at Janney Elementary School in Tenleytown.“Diversity means including everyone,” Lima said. “In our classroom community, we are all seen.”

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2024 Spring Commencement

The AU School of Education (SOE) Spring 2024Commencement ceremony includedstudents from two programs' first graduating cohorts. The MAT graduates included members from SOE'sCity Teaching Alliance(CTA) program; the BA graduates included Fellows from the School'sAU Teaching Fellowsprogram.

Videos, Photos, and Speeches

Coffee and Conversation

A Research Series

Watch faculty share their research presentations, build community and critically engage with one another on their work.

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70 Years Later: Critical Education Policy to Live Out the Promise of Brown v. Board of Education

Did Brown v. Board of Education Fulfill its Promise?

Watch this insightful webinar today!

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The Right to Read: The greatest civil rights issue of our time.

Faculty Author Guide to Discuss Documentary

The Right to Read documentaryaddresses the foundational skill amongyoung people.

Two SOE ITEP students visit Japan, joining researches and other students

SOE Students Travel to Japan

ITEP students were among researchers and other students exposed to Japan’s society and culture.

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Maya Angelou Schools Student Learning

Teaching Those Most in Need

Dr. Clarisse Mendoza Davis, ’08, runs toward the students that everyone else could not reach.

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Fall 2024 Academic Calendar

If you're a potential student, student, parent, or community member, check out the fall 2024 academic calendar.

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School of Education Rankings

Learn about SOE Accomplishments

  • Dr. Jennifer Steele, Professor, weighed in on The National Desk in an interview about the learning loss, including too much screen time,during the COVID lockdown. [June 10, 2024]

  • Senior Professorial Lecturer Dr. Andrea Guiden Pittman co-authored "How Black Teachers Lost When Civil Rights Won in Brown v. Board" in The Conversation. [May 16, 2024]

  • American University’s Board of Trustees recently appointed former Assistant ProfessorDr. Emily Petersonto Associate Professor at the School of Education. [May 28, 2024]

  • Senior Professorial LecturersDrs. Antonio L. Ellis and Phelton C. MosstheWileyarticle “Breaking the Silence: Student Affairs’ Role in Black Male Faculty Well-Being at Predominantly White Institutions.”[May 28, 2024]

  • Dr. Phelton C. MosstheHechinger Reportop-ed “Black Principals Play a Key Role in Transforming Education. We Need More of Them,” where hethe critical role Black principals have played in the development of Black teachers. Additionally, he(with EdD studentBrianna Nargiso, '25) “5 Truths About Brown V. Board of Education,” anASCDop-edthat teachers must ensure students’ understanding of the enduring significance of the Brown v. Board of Education case. [May 28, 2024]

  • Director of Undergraduate Teacher Education and Senior Professorial LecturerDr. Ocheze Josephwas quoted in theEducation Week"These Preparation Programs Are Creating a 'Tutor to Teacher' Pipeline," whichhow tutoring is giving aspirant teachers early experience in teaching.[May 28, 2024]

  • SOE’sChild Development Associate (CDA)program wasin a Council for Professional Recognition profile, “The Rewards of Reaching Out.” The spotlightthe Advancing Early Education Collaborative, which created the CDA program to allow Black or Latina women who live or work Washington, DC's Wards 7 or 8 to excel in the field.[May 28, 2024]

  • Senior Professorial LecturerDr. Amaarah DeCuirwasAdvisor of the Year at American University’s 2024 University and Student Achievement Awards, an inaugural event whichindividuals who contributed to key accomplishments on campus in the last year.[May 28, 2024]

  • Undergraduate AdvisorJody Hagen-Smithwas awarded Outstanding Sophomore-Senior Advisor by American University's Dean of Undergraduate Education and Academic Student Services.[May 28, 2024]

  • SOEDean Cheryl Holcomb-McCoywasas a Read to Succeed honoree at “Read to Succeed 2024.” The eventReading Partners and their committed community supporters, which includes the AU School of Education.[May 28, 2024]

  • American University’s Board of Trustees recently appointed former Provost Associate ProfessorDr. Brian McGowanto Full Professor at the School of Education.[May 28, 2024]

  • Dr. Phelton Mosswas awarded a scholarship toin the Aspen Institute Justice and Society Seminar in. He alsogave a speech honoring Black teachers who were formative in his life at the White Houseits events celebrating President Biden’sof National Teacher Appreciation Week.[May 28, 2024]

  • Dr. Eugene Pringle, Senior Professorial Lecturer, delivered the keynote presentation at the Georgetown Day School event Discover HBCU, where he discussed the impact and cultural influences of historically Black colleges and universities.[May 28, 2024]

  • Adjunct InstructorDr. Jasmine Rogersconducted the“Language Comprehension and Linguistically Responsive: Black Language Use in Structured Literacy Lessons” at the DC Office of the State Superintendent of Education’s Spring 2024 OSSE Literacy Conference. EdD alumDr. Tomiko Ball, ’22, held the“Disrupting Power Dynamics Within Literacy Instruction: Connections and Comprehension” at the event.[May 28, 2024]

  • Research Assistant Professor-in-ResidenceDr. Lauren SheaSOE as lead researcher and co-principal investigator at the 2024 National Science Foundation ITEST Principal Investigators Meeting, “Innovating Equitable STEM Learning for the Future Technological Workforce,” where sheher research team's STEM Tales Project.[May 28, 2024]

  • Dr. Sung Ryung Lyugave a video, "African American Headstart Teachers' Approaches to Police Play in the Era of Black Lives Matter," forFaculti, an academic streaming platform. View her talk, which suggests that policymakers; curriculum designers; and early childhood educators must be more inclusive of teachers of color,.[April 24, 2024]
  • In theEducation Week"How These Teachers Build Curriculum ‘Beyond Black History,’" Acting Co-DeanDr. Rodney Hopsonabout his evaluation of a new Black studies curriculum in New York City.[April 24, 2024]
  • Senior Professorial LecturerDr.Phelton Mossan op-ed forThe Hill, "School Absenteeism Has Soared, Congress Must Act on Plans to Address the Issue," whichthe alarming rise in chronically absent public school students.[April 24, 2024]
  • SOE DeanDr. Cheryl Holcomb-McCoyand Antiracist Pedagogy ScholarDr. Annice FishertheDiverse: Issues in Higher Educationop-ed, “Beyond Statements Toward Action: Maintaining the Antiracist Promise During the Anti-DEI Movement,” where theysix lessons learned about sustaining organizational change amid polarization.[April 24, 2024]
  • Dr.Cheryl Holcomb-McCoywasthe American Counseling Association's 2024 David K. Brooks, Jr. Distinguished Mentor Award, whichan individual who has demonstrated enthusiasm and support for the unique educational experience of mentoring. [April 24, 2024]

  • AU recognized Hurst Senior Professorial LecturerDr. Carolyn A. ParkerandSenior Professorial LecturerDr. Ocheze Josephwith Faculty Awards. Joseph won the Outstanding Community Engagement Award while Parker won the Outstanding Contribution to Fostering Collaborative Scholarship Award.[April 24, 2024]

  • Adjunct InstructorDr. Jasmine Rogersa keynote address, “Liberation Through Language: Educators as the Catalyst of Linguistic Justice,” at the Building Bridges, Breaking Barriers: World Language Justice Conference, anwhich highlights the intersection of social justice and world language.[April 24, 2024]

  • Scholar-in-ResidenceDr. Robert Simmonswasas a 2024 Pahara Fellow, athat identifies exceptional leaders in the educational excellence and equity movement, facilitates their dynamic growth, and strengthens their collective efforts to improve public education.[April 24, 2024]


  • Dr. Phelton C. MosstheHechinger Reportop-ed “Black Principals Play a Key Role in Transforming Education. We Need More of Them,” where hethe critical role Black principals have played in the development of Black teachers. Additionally, he(with EdD studentBrianna Nargiso, '25) “5 Truths About Brown V. Board of Education,” anASCDop-edthat teachers must ensure students’ understanding of the enduring significance of the Brown v. Board of Education case. [May 28, 2024]

  • EdD alumDr. Dia L. Jones, '22, willa workshop at STEMNoire 2024: Black Women Leading the STEM Renaissance Conference which willattendees with tools to build their belongingness capacity in STEM spaces. She will also present research to support increased participation of Black girls and women in STEM at this summer's Black Gaze Symposium.[May 28, 2024]

  • EdD studentJulie Corbett, '25, was one of the subjects of aThe Hour, "Chalk Talk: A Diverse Group of Norwalkers Are Being Trained to Be Civic Influencers," which detailed ashe designed enabling diverse citizens of Norwalk, CT, to participate in a civics lesson on local government.[May 28, 2024]

  • EdD alumDr. Iris Bond Gill,'24, has been named aFellow. The program invests in thinkers who generate big, bold ideas that have an impact and spark new conversations about the most pressing issues of our day.[May 28, 2024]

  • EdD studentDarla Davenport-Powell, ’24, plays the role of the family matriarch Lucy Bell in the slavery-centered live-animationThe Bell Affair, which explores freedom lawsuits of US slaves and recently beganon Amazon Prime.[April 24, 2024]

  • Education Policy and Leadership (EPL) MEd studentsLauren Gustafson,Meanha Kim, andKwand Lang, Jr.ofDr. Phelton Moss’s proseminar course are partnering with Opportunity Consulting to develop a series of toolkits for school leaders with strategies to bolster school improvement efforts. EPL MEd studentsJarrenNewby,KissiahValle, andAngeliki Papari-Kosioriaccompanied Moss to a Capitol Hill roundtable discussion he organized and facilitated for Black and Latino school superintendents from across the country and the education policy advisors of President Biden and Vice President Harris. [April 24, 2024]
  • Dr. Sarah Trembath, EdD ’23, and AU professorial lecturer of literature,"Active Engagement," aof the bookCulturally Responsive Teaching & the Brainfor Washington Independent Review of Books.[March 21, 2024]
  • Anna Lapera,MAT ’17,Mani SemillaFinds Her Quetzal Voice, a book inspired by her teaching experience during her time at AU and since. It was named the “Most anticipated middle grade book of 2024” by the School Library Journal. [March 21, 2024]
  • Along with her AU Center for Teaching, Research & Learning (CTRL), elementary education seniorQudsia Saeedco-presented "Student Feedback and Co-Creation for Equitable Teaching and Learning," which emphasized the importance of professors embracing and integrating student feedback.[Feb 10, 2024]
  • Education Policy and Leadership MEd alumnaRegina Wesleyis now working as a Management Analyst for Workforce Development and Enhancement at the Division of Early Learning for DC's Office of the State Superintendent of Education (OSSE). [Feb 10, 2024]
  • Education Policy and Leadership MEd alumnaKaty Mullinswas accepted into a doctoralprogram in education at Johns Hopkins, where her research will focus on the intersection of technology and language arts education. [Feb 9, 2024]
  • AlumJimmy Sarakatsannis, MAT ’07, wasthe Chajes Family Distinguished Honors Alumni Award by the University of Delaware for his work in education. A senior partner at the consulting firm McKinsey & Company, hisfocuses on how technology can transform teaching and learning from pre-K-12 to higher education. [December 18, 2023]
  • The Center for Teaching, Research & Learning() Student Partners are AU undergraduate students who work directly with CTRL staff to bring their voices and perspectives to conversations about teaching and learning at AU, and integrate the student experience in CTRL’s work. SOE's CTRL-Marie Dioneda,Qudsia Saeed,Alli Sattler, andNathaniel Smith- will present their work on a panel at AU's Ann Ferren Conference in.[December 18, 2023]
  • Elementary education major and SOE Undergraduate Council PresidentShayna Carusowasin an article in AU’sThe Eagle, "Students Grapple with the Impact and Confusion of Student Loan Forgiveness," abouta federal loan forgiveness program encourages students to work in low-income school districts.[December 18, 2023]
  • Secondary education majorJoy Schleicherwasby AU'sThe Eaglefor the article, "Comedian Jordan Klepper Brings Humor and Advice to KPU’s Final 2023 Event," about comedian Jordan Klepper’s political humor and recentto AU.[December 18, 2023]
  • EdD students Magen Barnett '21, Dylan Ravdin '23, and Randi Stone '24 to audiences in Columbus and Philadelphiaon dyslexia and instructional methods. [Oct 14, 2023]
  • EdD studentAneesah Blount was a She isa kindergarten teacher at Van Ness Elementary School. [Oct 14, 2023]
  • EdD Class of 2023 graduate and Adjunct Professorial Lecturer Dr. Cheyenne Batista, along with Director of the EdD Program and Professorial LecturerDr. William N. Thomas IV, andSenior Professorial Lecturer Dr. Samantha Cohen,co-presented "Co-Teaching as an opportunity to enact social justice and create humanizingcommunities" at the Carnegie Project on the Education Doctorate's in Florida. [Oct 5, 2023]
  • The Carnegie Project on Education Doctorate (CPED) recognized Dr. Francesca Smith ’23 EdD for her dissertation, ""[Sep 11, 2023]
  • Dr. Amanda Tatum ’22 was featured in the Carnegie Project on the Education Doctorate (CPED) journal Impacting Educationtalking about the exploration of teachers' well-being through compassion, the focus of her dissertation. [Aug. 7, 2023]
  • Dr. Cheyenne Batista ’22 was highlighted for her award-winning dissertation in the AU Alumni news. [July 6, 2023]
  • Dr. Gary Deshun Hamilton EdD ’23gave a rousing graduate student, "The Bold Promise of Tomorrow" at SOE'sCommencement Ceremony.[May 17, 2023]
  • Education Policy and Leadership (EPL) MEd program studentBailey Haineswill serve as President of SOE's, alongside fellow EPL studentsAngeliki Paper-Kosiori(Vice President),Kissiah Valle(Dir. of Finance),Derrick Brown(Dir. of Communications), and others.[May 17, 2023]
  • AU education alumFlorence Elizabeth Carmichael Adamswill turn 100 this August. Read her grandson Jason Campbell's fascinatingWashington Post, "My Grandma Has Always Made the Hardest Things Seem Simple — Even Living to 100."[May 17, 2023]
  • SOE secondary education majorsAlli SattlerandNathaniel Smithpresented research projects virtually in conjunction with AU's Center for Teaching, Research, and Learning (CTRL) Student Partners. Sattler"Increasing Inclusivity in STEM Classrooms" and Smith"Varying Means of Participation to Support All Learners."[May 17, 2023]
  • Emily Warshaw, a student in the Master of Arts in Special Education program, was quoted in an article about her taking part in the Future of Work Institute that took place in April. [May 17, 2023]
  • Amanda Munizas the AU Recipient of theMaryland Association of Teacher Educators - Distinguished Teacher Candidate Award for 22-23.[May 17, 2023]
  • EdD 2022 alum Dr. Cheyenne Batistathe 2023 Division A Outstanding Dissertation Award at the American Educational Research Association (AERA)in Chicago. [April 15, 2023]
  • Shareen Fernanders(EdD '23),Gary Hamilton(EdD, '23), and SOE facultychapters to the,Critical Literacy and Its Impact on Black Boys’ Reading Readiness. [April 15, 2023]
  • Dr. Cheyenne Batista(EdD ’22) was awarded the prestigious American Education Research Association (AERA) Division A 2023 Award for Outstanding Dissertation, “‘I Am Not Scary. I Am Strong. There’s a Difference.’ Disrupting Misogynoir and Transforming Interpersonal Conflict for Black Women Education Leaders: A Multiple Case Study.” [March 17, 2023]
  • Lynne Brenner Ganek, SOE Advisory Board member and adjunct faculty member, presented to theProducing Multi-Platform Contentclass at Canisius College. Students explored and produced an episode of an original podcast series, a video trailer for the podcast series, and related social media content.[March 17, 2023]
  • StudentsFrancesca Smith(EdD '23) andMadelyn Smith(MEd '25) presented at the March 2023 Council for Exceptional Children Convention and Expo. Francesca presented the poster, "Leveraging Biliteracy for Equitable Outcomes in Dual Language English Reading Instruction." Madelyn presentedthe paper, "Supporting Literacy Identity through Culturally Responsive Practices in Reading Intervention.”[March 17, 2023]
  • In March, the Comparative and International Education Society (CIES) Conference included SOE ITEP program alumAdam Medadi(MA '22) and facultyDr. Elizabeth A. Worden, Dr. Michael Gibbons, Dr. Jisun Jeong, and as members of its planning committee and as presenters and participants.[March 17, 2023]
  • Apple'sScience of Readingpodcast,"," featuringJasmine Rogers(EdD '23). [February 15, 2023]

  • SOE Advisory Board memberTiffany Williams(MA, SPA '07)of Martha’s Table, a DC-based nonprofit organization focused on developing strong children, strong families and strong communities. [February 15, 2023]

  • Dr. Shayna Cook(EdD '22/MEd '14) was recently appointed to Assistant State Superintendent for the's Division of Early Childhood. [February 15, 2023]

  • Dr. Afie Mirshah-Nayar(MAT-ESOL), Principal of(MCPS), is a finalist for the Mark Mann award, annually presented to exceptional Montgomery County Public Schools administrators. [February 15, 2023]

  • Taylor Myers(MEd '22)Future of Work event sponsored by Deloitte and was interviewed about his experience. [January 18, 2023]

  • Our Future Teacher Tutors program, a partnership with DC Public Schools that seeks to boost below-grade-level readers, was. Quoting studentIsabel Chaeand SOE faculty and staff, itthat amid labor shortages, hiring from teacher prep programs like ours could add half a million new tutor candidates nationally. [January 18, 2023]